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Sedi: via Emanuele Gianturco, 23, 80146, Napoli

info@kineton.it / candidature@kineton.it
Kineton is an engineering company that provides services and products. Kineton assist clients in the creation and development of their products and solutions in some of the major technological domains, such as Automotive, Media and ICT. In-depth knowledge of state-of-the-art technologies, and competencies in several engineering disciplines are the richest resources of Kineton. At Kineton we operate successfully in the Media, Telco, Automotive and Information Technology markets by offering the following competences: ·Design and development of interactive applications on media television embedded systems; Design and development of web enterprise software solutions in open source environment; Design and development of native, web or hybrid mobile application; Design, development and integration of embedded software and applications for automotive; Our approach consist of understanding customers’ needs and working together by designing the right solution. At Kineton we support our customers with requirements analysis, architecture design, software development, test, delivery and maintenance.



Recruiting Day 12 ottobre

Ore 17:00 - Aula Savarese

Centro Direzionale

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